Cindy Loughran


Cindy Loughran is a Masterful Certified Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Cindy provides leadership development through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and team training and facilitation to a wide range of clients including CEOs, mid level and first time managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Known for her insight, directness, humor and ability to bring out the best in people, Cindy has helped hundreds of individuals successfully expand their roles and increase their impact and satisfaction.

Guiding them to grow from the inside out, Cindy helps her clients be more present, more focused and more authentic. With her partnership, they set big goals, bring their strengths forward, and overcome barriers to success and are able to make decisions with confidence, build collaborative relationships, and expand their capacity to achieve their business results with less stress and struggle.

Cindy guides her clients to make changes from the inside out in manageable steps. Some of the many tools Cindy employs in her work are based on the most recent findings in neuroscience and mindfulness.

Clients value Cindy as an objective sounding board, an inspiring thought partner and trusted advisor. She creates the space for clients to freely explore ideas and consider new perspectives, which leads to the discovery of new options and reveals creative approaches to challenging situations. The result is positive mindset and behavior change and improved processes and outcomes.

Before Cindy’s entrepreneurial spirit took her out of the corporate arena, she held leadership positions in Human Resource Management in the technology sector. Drawing from her passion for developing the full potential in others and her success as an internal corporate partner and advisor, Cindy established her own Coaching and Leadership Development business in 1986.

Cindy was recognized as one of Boston’s Top Ten Coaches by Women’s Business Boston, she has been a contributor to national trade and business journals. She earned a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Vermont and is certified to administer leadership, personal, and team assessment instruments, including: the Index for Emotional Intelligence, DISC, StressMap and StandOut and Team EI.

Cindy is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a degree in Communication Studies as well as being an Enhanced Conversational Intelligence Coach, Transformational Leadership Coach, Strengths Coach and Certified Group Coach.

A lifelong New Englander, Cindy has two sons and lives in suburban Boston with her husband. She believes “when we stop learning, we stop living.”

Cindy worked with our leadership team to help us navigate some challenging situations during a period of rapid growth. She created a safe space for conversations in which everyone felt heard, valued and respected, where we were able to express and hear hard things and were able to come to truly understand each other’s point of view. As a result, we became adept at co-creating the best possible solutions so that we could move forward with our work.

Cindy’s ability to quickly understand our culture, and her vast experience and varied tool box, allowed her to adapt in the moment, remain calm and focused and see us through to win-win decisions we could not otherwise have made.

Bonnie Cockman

Former Co-Director, Mothers Out Front